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Transition Leading LLC

Supporting Individuals & Organizations in the Transition to Greater Effectiveness

Photo: A wheat field. Quote: Strategy is the creation of a unique and valuable position involving a different set of activities. - Michael Porter, On Competition

TRANSITION LEADING, LLC is dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations in the transition to greater effectiveness. Drawing on the founder's extensive leadership experience as an executive and community volunteer, as well as his training in emotional intelligence and personality type, the focus is on one or more of the following interconnected consulting and coaching disciplines:

  • Clarifying the organization's position in the market, including its competitive advantages, strategy and opportunities for growth
  • Improving the organization's planning and financial systems while aligning the business model with strategic objectives and core values
  • Strengthening the organization's teamwork, including communication, workflow and innovation
  • Executive coaching that sharpens your leadership skills and personal development that brings new insight to the issues affecting your life

Leadership development and team building can be further supported with assessments that help foster awareness of interpersonal dynamics and core needs. Software applications developed by Transition Leading facilitate this work and save time.

Transition Leading's founder, David Hughey, provides these services as a management consultant and leadership coach. With large projects he may assign some of the work to experienced associates.